Diversity | Genesis UK Tour 2017

This year marks dance sensation, Diversity’s seventh UK Tour and also our eighth year of working with the team since they won Britain’s Got Talent back in 2009. Like all successful tours that return year on year, we know that the key is to continually bring something fresh and new to the stage. So with the creative mind of Diversity’s founder, Ashley Banjo and our team of creatives we got to work to help create something magical.

With an early start to the shoot at Wapping Hydraulic Power Station in London, our crew got to work setting up for the day ahead. Like so many stage productions, there wouldn’t be a great story to tell without a good and a bad guy and this year’s show certainly did not disappoint. The familiar faces of Diversity stepped up as the show’s ‘Protectors’ whilst the newest member of the team played the part of the evil ‘Destroyer’.

The day’s filming began with pint sized Theo fashioning a white coat and dickie to play the part of the ‘Inventor’. With the perfect setting of a power station, we followed Theo around the warehouse as he worked on his latest inventions whilst also helping the ‘Protectors’ teleport back onto stage during one of the scenes. Playing the part of Ashley’s love interest, we captured various scenes with Ava on our green screen as well as the ‘Destroyer’ to help simulate the scary dreams being displayed on the screens. Then to finish the day off, we captured various clips of the ‘Protectors’ showcasing their superpowers. Once wrapped up, it was then the job of our talented team to help Diversity tell the story on stage. With the help of special effects, the performers were transformed into their characters with a mixture of frightening scenes and superpower displays.

CS Media Creative Director, David Baird said “Of all the projects we work on throughout the year this is always one of the ones I look forward to. Not just because we love working with Diversity but because they help push us out of our comfort zone year on year. Just like the audiences expectations, Ashley is always looking to excel from previous years and we love to help him achieve that. Once pre-production is complete, I have to say that the shoot is always one of my favourites stages. It the first time I really get to see how everything is going to piece together and later be brought alive on stage. Seven years on, their performances still bring a smile to not only my family’s faces but thousands of people around the world and I truly hope their success lives on for years to come!”

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