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Hot Tools | Step by Step Videos

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Video Editor

WE’RE HIRING | Senior Video Editor / Producer

Senior Video Editor / Producer

The Opportunity

A fantastic opportunity for a Senior Video Editor / Producer to work for one of the UK’s most proficient production companies with over 25 years experience in delivering innovative and creative services that span the creation of high end media content for broadcast, promotion, education and events as well as the staging and management of live events.

If successful, you will be part of a dedicated in-house production team and work across a multitude of video projects delivering great work that will often be seen by millions of viewers. Our work covers a wide range of different sectors to include professional hair and beauty brands, retail, stage production, television, finance, legal and more. Working on a variety of projects, this role will include both national and international travel, visiting some of the most exciting locations in the world!

You will work collaboratively with the brand team and the projects will be varied, encompassing on-set filming, product demos, documentary style shoots, as well as live events.

The Role

  • Work to creative briefs; plan out and produce industry led videos and animations.
  • Oversee and deliver all elements of the creative process; pre-production, production, and post.
  • Work with scriptwriters, manage production crews, deliver editing and sound engineering etc.
  • Create, update and evolve the brand identity for a variety of clients.

The Person


  • An experienced all-rounder with strong post production skills.
  • A minimum of 5 years experience across pre-production, production and post-production.
  • Excellent post-production skills – editing in Premiere and After Effects.
  • Flexible attitude to working hours – on occasion may be required to work evenings and weekends.
  • Able to work independently as well as in a team.
  • The ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Proactive, detailed, willing to take the initiative, enthusiastic and great communication skills.


  • Camera operation – the use of professional video equipment to inc camera, lighting and sound.
  • Proficient in creating storyboards/moodboards.

The Location

Dorking, Surrey

Application Deadline

Thursday 27th July 2017 at 12pm

Applicants must submit – a CV, showreel and short cover letter stating ‘Why you think you are suitable for this role?’ to ruth@csmedia.co.uk.


Competitive and dependant on experience

  • Drone Services
  • Drone Services
  • Drone Services

Drone Services | Taking to the Skies in 2017

Like so many companies, the evolution of technology has helped us to develop and grow in our industry. Long gone are the days of huge crews to operate heavy equipment, the expensive hire of helicopters to capture high-quality aerial video and excessive hours spent in linear tape-to-tape edit suites. The last few years has seen video production evolve faster than ever before, allowing us to create 4k cinema-standard footage at the fraction of the price.

With this in mind, we are excited to announce the launch of our brand new aerial drone service in 2017. Our highly skilled team have a combined experience of over 20 years piloting drones as well as a long career in filming. Our pilots are also CAA approved, fully insured and will complete flight assessments prior to each project. Which means they are able to capture high quality 4K footage from the air whilst maintaining the highest level of safety.

Our customers are able to take advantage of a new perspective in capturing video. So whether you require a 10 second clip to use as an introduction, a high resolution aerial photo for a press release or a full production for a televised campaign, we believe we will be able to help you.

Our fleet comprises of some of DJI’s highest range of drones to include the Phantom 4, Inspire 1, Inspire 2 and Matrice 600; each with the ability to capture 4K video. With every drone offering a unique set of features, we are confident we can tailor-make a solution specific to the requirements of your project. Our drones have the ability to fly indoors and outdoors and reach heights of 400ft above ground level to ensure we capture footage to emote, inspire and excite your audience.

Contact us today to find out how we can take your video production to new heights.

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  • TF030

Tomorrow Talks | A Glimpse Into Tomorrow

Hosted at the stunning Design Museum in London, The Tomorrow Talks event kickstarted the first in a series of expert seminars on future technology, trends and innovations that soon may sculpt the world we live in.

Guests were welcomed into the huge open foyer where they were enticed with a variety of surprisingly tasty cricket-based canapés and cocktails. Before the amazing line up of speakers began, guests had the opportunity to tryout some of the latest pieces of tech soon to hit the market.

The team at Ooho! encouraged guests to tryout their edible and dissolvable water bottles that they hope will soon put an end to the waste created by the billions of plastic containers thrown away each year. Award winners, Pavegen lit the way with their smart flooring solution that generates power from pedestrian footsteps. The team hope that someday their solution will help generate enough power to light our streets without the use of today’s standard power sources. Other companies included MysteryVibe, Virtual Awakening, NAO Robots continued to get guests techy juices flowing with a host of interactive experiences until they made the way down to the auditorium for the main event of the night.

Wired Editor, Greg Williams was the first of five speakers and began the talks with his take on cyber security. PwC’s in-house virtual reality guru Jeremy Dalton discussed the possible applications of virtual worlds within the business sector and Dr Bissan Al-Lazikani from the Institute of Cancer Research shared how she hopes the future of technology and medicine will help reduce the number of lives lost to cancer. Ross Bailey, founder of Appear Here enlightened guests on the power of pop-up shops whilst Arthur Kay from bio-bean told us about his revolutionary company that recycles waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels.

When the team at The Tomorrow Fair contacted us to help cover their first event, our nerdy heads almost exploded with excitement. Throughout the evening the team captured a mixture of interviews, time-lapses, b-roll footage and photos that would later help us create a series of videos and imagery that could be used for PR and marketing material. To find out what we created from the night simply take a look at the gallery above or click here to view our highlights video.

Stewarts Law

Stewarts Law | Engaging New Starters with Video

As employees, many of us have started new jobs and been given the tedious task of reading a never ending induction document to help familiarise us with our new company. However, the UK’s largest litigation law firm, Stewarts Law wanted to create something a little more engaging and informative for their new starters. Working on the project over the period of a few months, we filmed a large number of senior staff from Managing Partner, John Cahill to Head of Commercial Litigation, Clive Zietman to help their new starters find out more about their new company, the various litigation departments within the firm, and the key players within those teams.

Three months into the launch, we are happy to hear that the programme has been greatly received and that we will be supporting Stewarts Law on a new project later this year.

Video has become one of the world’s most powerful forms of communication for companies to engage with their consumers, clients and staff. Whether it be John Lewis broadcasting their latest Christmas advert on television, L’Oréal promoting their most popular products with step by step YouTube videos or HSBC updating their partners on the latest predictions in the FTSE 500, companies big and small, are increasingly seeing the benefits of using video. So if you’d like to find out how creating a video could help benefit your business then contact us today.

Behind the Scenes | The Redken Heat Styling Range

Early one morning in August our team arrived in the heart of Shoreditch, London at White Rabbit Studios to capture behind the scenes footage of the Redken heat styling range in action. Regis & Supercuts Creative Director, Kieron Fowles was quick to get to work on the three models he had to style but took some time to explain how adaptable the range is to create different looks without having to reapply product. Once each of the ladies were hot-to-trot, it was the job of top fashion photographer, Jack Eames to capture each of the stunning model’s final looks.

Take a look at the behind the scenes the video we created for Redken and Regis Salons above or visit our Facebook page to view the photos from throughout the day.

Want to watch in HD? Be sure to change the settings in the bottom corner of our video.


How Can Live Streaming Benefit Your Business?

This year has seen a significant increase in companies, big and small, realising the benefits of live-streaming; from corporate events to hot-off-the-press business news. But how can live-streaming benefit your company?

The rapid increase in use of smartphones, tablets, laptops and digital billboards, has seen video become an increasingly powerful tool. In fact, it’s estimated that at least 75% of all current internet traffic is video-based. So it’s no wonder that companies are investing in high-end media to advertise their products and services, and ultimately, increase their revenue.

As humans, we are naturally inquisitive creatures and love finding out the latest news, gossip and information before the next person. In 2016, companies are now able to capitalise on this, by live broadcasting to millions with the simple press of a button. Launched earlier this year, Facebook Live now offers its users the ability to live stream by simply pulling their phones from their pockets and pointing them in the right direction. And with statistics showing that an average viewer watches a live video three-times longer than a standard video, it’s no wonder companies are taking advantage of this latest innovation.

Now, as effective as this feature is proving, our only criticism is that Facebook Live dramatically reduces the quality of the video that we can stream and we believe that this could negatively impact how an audience perceives the quality of a brand. Companies spend large proportions of their marketing budgets on creating high quality material but are then let down by one of the latest developments in technology.

In response to this, CS Media have recently invested in a new piece of hardware that allows us to film with multiple professional cameras and live-stream the output in high-definition direct to our client’s websites, Facebook and YouTube pages. One of our most recent broadcasts was during a live hair demonstration, “An Evening with Sam Burnett”, which can be viewed by visiting the KMS California Facebook page here.

If you think you could benefit from our services in Live Web Broadcast, Facebook Live or YouTube Live, feel free to contact us for more information by clicking here.


  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed
  • ghd The Briefing with Adam Reed

ghd | The Briefing with Adam Reed | Live Stream

When you receive a call from Jo Robertson, ghd Global Head of Education saying the words “Adam Reed” and “Live Streaming” you can’t help but say “Yes!”. So last month, we headed to ghd HQ in Soho, to setup for an evening of inspiration, innovation and reflection with the hairdressing wizard that is Adam Reed.

The lovely Jo Robertson introduced Adam onto stage to talk through the various looks that he has created throughout his career, along with some of the highlights during his 30 years in the industry. The duo discussed who inspired him, what it has been like working on over 420 shows, how he started his career and how it is working with the brand ghd, testing and launching the very latest in hair technology innovation.

Offering camera feeds from three different angles, our teams were able to give a real feel for the event and allow not only the guests in the room but also viewers worldwide to become fully immersed in the 6 different models Adam had to present.

Jo commented: “The Briefing is a fantastic opportunity for those that love hairdressing to come together and be inspired by someone like Adam Reed. The fact that we were able to share this with everyone via live-streaming was really special and having been such a huge success we’ll certainly be teaming up with CS Media to do it again”

Do you have an event coming up that could benefit from live steaming? Contact us today to discuss our services in live web broadcast, Facebook Live HD and 360 degree filming.

Missed out on the event? Fear not, we have a selection of photos above and you can view the full length video by clicking here.

Photo Credit: www.ashleymartin-photography.com

  • aveda-master-jam-028
  • Aveda Master Jam 2016_60
  • aveda-master-jam-001
  • aveda-master-jam-002
  • aveda-master-jam-003
  • aveda-master-jam-004
  • aveda-master-jam-005
  • Aveda Master Jam 2016_56
  • aveda-master-jam-006
  • aveda-master-jam-007
  • aveda-master-jam-008
  • aveda-master-jam-009
  • aveda-master-jam-010
  • aveda-master-jam-011
  • Aveda Master Jam 2016_57
  • Aveda Master Jam 2016_58
  • aveda-master-jam-012
  • aveda-master-jam-013
  • aveda-master-jam-014
  • aveda-master-jam-015
  • aveda-master-jam-016
  • aveda-master-jam-017
  • aveda-master-jam-018
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  • aveda-master-jam-042
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  • aveda-master-jam-047
  • aveda-master-jam-048
  • aveda-master-jam-049
  • aveda-master-jam-050
  • aveda-master-jam-051
  • aveda-master-jam-053
  • aveda-master-jam-054
  • aveda-master-jam-055
  • aveda-master-jam-052

Aveda Master Jam 2016

When someone mentions the city of Milan, your mind instantly thinks of hair, beauty, fashion (and let’s not forget Gelato!). So what better place to showcase and celebrate the achievements of hair specialists, Aveda, than with their Master Jam 2016 show.

With alarm clocks going off before you could even smell the first espresso of the day, our two trucks arrived from the UK to start rigging the huge 443sq metre space at Palazzo Del Ghiaccio. Comprising of over 300ft of truss, 5 tonnes of elevated equipment, 8,000 metres of cables, a 6 million pixel video screen, one or two nuts ‘n’ bolts and 18 hours later, the stage was set for the big event.

On show day, the doors to the venue opened early once again to allow for the global Aveda artists and their teams to start working their magic on the beautiful models that would later grace the catwalks. At 7pm sharp, queues of over 1200 guests flooded in with excitement at what was sure to be a stunning display of beauty and innovation. Supported with a range of powerful VTs and tracks, the Aveda teams took to the stage to demonstrate how a number of their hairstyles could be achieved with live cutting and colour. Ranging from a collection of up-cycled gowns, intricate headpieces, sharp suits and hairstyles to include updos, slick barbering, classic chignons and more. Not forgetting the show stopping, 90’s pop-chic inspired presentation from Aveda Global Creative Director, Antionette Beenders. The show didn’t stop there though, with International Vice president Amanda Le Roux and Vice President of Aveda Global Education, Kevin Molin presenting a selection of Fashionista awards to 25 talented finalists and announcing the Global Winner, Svetlana Kononova from Russia. All topped perfectly off with Beats (ALR Music) keeping the party going into the early hours with their live performance on stage.

Aveda Education Director, Gill Pope said “When we began organising the event, we knew that every element of the show had to WOW and that we needed an amazing location and production company to help us do just that. Over the years, I have organised a number of large events and knew that CS Media could once again help us create our vision. As hoped, we have had nothing but praise from all our guests about what a fantastic success the show was. From the show production to video and photo coverage, the CS team exceeded our expectations once again and we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work.”

To see more about our build and show day, be sure to take a look at the series of our photos above or click here to view our video coverage.

Goldwell ColorZoom Summer Party 2016

Earlier this year, we were invited to work with the amazing Goldwell team on their annual ColorZoom Summer Party. Hosted at the stunning Guildhall, London this event did not disappoint! The venue boasted historic features in the main hall and beautiful arched crypts in the basement. Add bold lighting, talented hair artists, stunning models, mouthwatering food, kick-ass music and 450 rather good looking guests and you’re bound to be in for a good night!

Guests were welcomed into the main hall by the new General Manager of Kao Salon Division UK, Mark Giannandrea and Goldwell’s Head of Education, Irene Meikle. Celebrating their 40th birthday, KMS California staged a beautiful show from Hare & Bone’s Sam Burnett, member of the KMS Global Style Council, followed by a spectacular presentation from Shane Bennett Artistic Team.

Filming footage in the lead up to the event, we produced all of the screen content for the show as well capturing video and photography throughout the day and night. To view the photos from the night simply visit our Facebook page or click play on the video above to watch all the highlights.

A HUGE congratulations to all of the winners from the night and the Goldwell Team for making it an event to remember!

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Breakthrough Team 2016 | Update

Where do we even start!? This year has been a Breakthrough whirlwind and we still have more to come. At the start of 2016, we began capturing twelve talented hairdressers that make up the TONI&GUY/L’Oréal Professionnel Breakthrough Team on their journey towards the Grand Final in November. The team have been lucky enough to work with and be mentored by some of the best professionals this industry has to offer. From TONI&GUY International Art Directors to Professional Photographer, Jack Eames, the team members have experienced and learned skills that most aspiring hairdressers could only dream of.

In February, we began filming the team at the beautiful location of Freemasons Hall for London Fashion Week. Supporting the annual FAD show, the team prepped over 32 models hair to make sure they WOW’d the crowd whilst strutting their stuff on the catwalk.

Knowing that inspiration is a key factor in any creative industry, Bev Rowe – Creative & Partnerships Manager for L’Oréal Professionnel Products, took the team to the National Portrait Gallery to visit the ‘Vogue 100: A Century of Style’ exhibition to feed their minds. Showcasing over 280 images from publications dating back to 1916, the team got to see how fashion has evolved over an entire century. Serena Hill, Senior Stylist at Toni&Guy Telford said “Walking through the exhibition, I was completely in awe of all the stunning images. Seeing all the elements together like film, fashion and the cinematography has only but inspired me to push my creativity even further. One of the key findings that stood out for me in the exhibition was the use of polaroids. They gave such a raw finish to the final images. This and so many other elements of the year have given me a true thirst to push me out of my comfort zone and I cannot wait to get up on that stage for the Grand Final

In May, we visited the TONI&GUY Academy in London, to capture behind the scenes at a photoshoot with the talented Jack Eames. The teams got the opportunity to put their skills to the test by creating editorial hairstyles with an emphasis on contrasting textures. With priceless feedback from both Jack and the TONI&GUY mentors the teams created hair that any of the top publications would be proud to showcase.

More recently, we travelled over 500 miles to visit each of the Breakthrough Team member’s salons. Here we were able to capture each of the team members, a little more relaxed, in their own environments. These candid interviews allowed us to learn a little more about each team member, whilst they also gave us an update on how they felt they had developed throughout the year so far.

Bev Rowe said “This year’s team is made up of some amazingly talented individuals, but they also work great as a team. With so many creative ideas starting to develop, this year’s Grand Final promises to be a fantastic showcase of everyone’s skill and exceptional talent.

Being able to follow the team over 10 months has been invaluable for CS Media. It allows us to create content that gives a true feel for the journey the team members have been on and for the audience at the Grand Final to witness it. With just 3 months to go, we can’t wait to see what this team will have in store for us on stage in November. WATCH THIS SPACE PEOPLE!!!!!

  • NG01
  • NG02
  • IRCE Newgistics Stand
  • NG06

Internet Retailer Conference & Expo – Chicago, USA

Back in January, we were approached by Austin, Texas-based technology solutions company, Newgistics to create an eye-catching stand at the Internet Retailer Conference & Expo 2016, Chicago. The installation needed to turn heads and draw the crowds for the launch of their brand new ncommerce service which is a fully pre-integrated commerce platform using SAP Hybris at the core. As a creative company, we are always keen to take on new challenges and to be pushed out of our comfort zone, so naturally we jumped at the opportunity to work on this demanding brief.

With over 4000 miles between us and the client, all of the pre-production was communicated remotely, until we flew over to help oversee the build of the stand for the IRCE event on 6th-9th June. Rolling a number of the objectives into one solution, we created a 360-degree digital roundabout that flew 16ft above the Newgistics stand. The roundabout comprised of 32 screens, ranging from 32 to 62 inches. Displaying video content that we created, the roundabout took visitors through a free-flowing ncommerce journey, tracking the progress of a package from “device to doorstep.” After viewing the video, visitors were then given the opportunity to meet the Newgistics teams who explained their ground-breaking e-commerce solution in greater depth.

Stuart Spiegel, now an independent consultant at Spiegel Partners LLC, has worked with CS Media over the years, most recently when Stuart was the CMO at ghd in London. Spiegel said he chose CS Media because “we needed solid expertise in both video production as well as creating heart-stopping trade show installations. As predicted, we received great feedback over the 3-day event on how amazing the stand looked and a large percentage of the interactions led to new leads for Newgistics.” Spiegel added, “Clive and his team never stopped exceeding our expectations and I look forward to the next time that we collaborate.”

Take a sneak peak at just some of the video content we created for the digital round-about by clicking here