Newgistics | From Warehouse to Exhibition

Earlier this Summer, we teamed up with logistics giants, Newgistics, to start on a brand new project in the USA.

Visiting three different cities, we began filming at Newgistics’ largest warehouse in Cincinnati, Ohio. Measuring a mammoth 500,000 sq/ft inside the warehouse, we had just 24 hrs to capture every aspect of the operation. Staff, new and old, worked alongside us to help create us some engaging footage. From mounting rigs to forklifts, setting up time-lapses on cherry pickers, capturing 360 degree footage and riding electric carts through the warehouse we certainly walked away a happy crew.

Before we could shout the word ‘Yeee-hah’ we were back on a plane to the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas to visit Newgistics’ newest facility. Here, Newgistics wanted us to focus on how efficient and effective the facility’s processing was, with particular focus on its new semi-automated systems.

After a whirlwind few days, the team headed back across the pond to begin working on post-production, with the video to be showcased on the Newgistics stand at the annual Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago. The edit was technically challenging; utilising 3D tracking text and rotoscoping to make it appear as though key messages were actually floating within the warehouses. Adding to this challenge, the final product would be broadcast over 46 LED screens, from four different video feeds. Ultimately, this meant our team were producing four different videos with over 100 vfx shots in total, all of which needed to run seamlessly in-sync with each other.

Four weeks later, we were back on the plane to the beautiful city of Chicago, Illinois to start on the build. Marketing Director, Jane Bergos said “The Internet Retailer Conference and Expo is one of the world’s largest events focused on e-commerce, so it’s an important venue for us to showcase how Newgistics helps online retailers deliver an exceptional shopping experience, from device to doorstep. It’s a very busy event, so creating a strategy to make sure Newgistics stands out is essential, and teaming with CS Media was a big part of our success. They’ve helped us create stands that truly set us apart, including video footage that really brings our presence alive. We can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with for our next project.” | From Warehouse to Exhibition
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