Having conquered the worlds of dance, stage and screen, you’d forgive Diversity for sitting back and resting on their laurels. However, 2014 saw them enter the lucrative¬†world of fashion with the launch of their signature Face Apparel. As long-term Diversity collaborators, CS Media were brought on board to create an arresting promo video which encapsulated the brand’s tagline: “For All Cultures, Everywhere.” Shot on 4k with state-of-the-art Movi steadycam equipment, the resulting promo featured a range of models of varying¬†races, ages and genders, all sporting the popular snapback caps; before climaxing with a scintillating dance number from the best street dance crew in the business.


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Dove – the search for real beauty

In 2013, cosmetics brand Dove launched their latest search for Real Beauty, which culminated in a photo shoot featuring six normal, everyday women. A CS Media video crew were present at the two-day shoot to capture all the behind-the-scenes action and to interview all the pampered ladies about their experience.