Newgistics Animation

U.S. logistics company Newgistics approached CS Media with a hugely ambitious project to help promote their ground-breaking ncommerce platform at the Internet Retailer Conference in Chicago (IRCC). The brief was simple but daunting – to create the most eye-catching and innovative stand at the entire event! Our solution involved a dynamic 360-degree design with 46 LED Screens running four video feeds simultaneously to communicate the huge range of services they offer.
The production of the videos was no less challenging, involving a road trip from Cincinnati, Ohio to Dallas, Texas. Here, we visited two of the company’s flagship warehouses to capture every aspect of their operation. Staff, new and old, worked alongside us to help create some fantastic footage; from mounting rigs to forklifts, setting up time-lapses on cherry pickers and capturing 360-degree video. The final edits utilised 3D tracking text and rotoscoping to make it appear as though key brand messages were actually floating within the warehouses, with over 100 vfx shots created in total across the four synchronised videos. Animation