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Welcome to our live streaming services! We offer a wide range of production solutions to ensure a seamless live streaming experience. Here's how we can help:


  • Multi-camera production: Our team uses multiple cameras to capture different angles and create a dynamic live stream.

  • Live coverage: We provide live event coverage, from client summits and cooking programmes to stage shows, product showcases and sports broadcasts.

  • Professional equipment: We use only top-of-the-line equipment, including broadcast quality cameras, microphones, mixers, lighting, and everything else necessary to produce a high-quality live stream.

  • OB solutions: Our Outside Broadcast van allows us to facilitate live streams from any location, whether it's your office or the middle of a field.

  • Production planning: Our team can help plan and execute the live stream production, from developing a script to creating a shot list and run of show.

  • Virtual event production: We guarantee technical expertise and professional production controls and processes, ensuring a TV-quality production standard.

  • Live video editing: Our live video editing services ensure the final live stream product is polished and professional.

  • Set design: Our team can design and create both physical and virtual sets to frame your program and enhance the live stream.

  • Video encoding and distribution: Our live streams are compatible with most major platforms, or we can provide a white-labelled video window to embed on your website.

  • Graphics and animation: We create custom graphics and animations to enhance the live stream production.

  • Live captioning and translation: We can provide live captioning or translation services to make the live stream more accessible to people who are hearing-impaired or speak different languages.

  • Video content creation: We create video content for use in the live stream, including pre-recorded segments, bumpers and stings, transitions, intro videos, and stage content.

  • Live Q&A sessions: Our team can facilitate live Q&A sessions during the live stream, allowing viewers to interact with the host and guests.

  • Live polling and surveys: We can conduct live polling and surveys from multiple sources during the live stream to gather feedback and insights from the audience.

  • Remote production: We regularly facilitate remote live streaming productions, allowing for a remote production team and remote guests.


At CS Media, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise and professional production standards. Let us help you make your next live streaming event a success!

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