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LIVE: Meetings & Events

We offer a one-stop solution for meetings and events.  Our team delivers all aspects of physical, hybrid and virtual events, from creative and design to technical delivery and production.  Whether it's a showcase, a summit, an exhibition or anything in between, we have the team and the tools to realise your vision.

Event Production

We offer end-to-end production management for in-person, hybrid and virtual events, including client conferences, investor presentations, town halls and exhibitions.  Services cover initial planning and strategy all the way through to content management, creative, logistics and technical delivery.

Stage Graphics

We’ve produced stage graphics for some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Ed Sheeran, Tom Jones and Rod Stewart. We’ve also worked with dance group Diversity for over a decade, creating bespoke animations and video content to support their live tours. 


In the corporate arena, we regularly produce screen content for use in large-scale events and conferences. In today’s multimedia marketing environment, we understand the importance of a consistent voice across all media channels. So we adapt the content, to enhance your communications and tie in seamlessly with pre-existing communications and brand creative.

Live Streaming

We have dedicated crews and sophisticated digital media production facilities. This means that your live media feeds will feel more like a television show than a webinar, ensuring high-end user experiences and audience engagement.   Have a look behind the scenes.


Our exhibition services include the design and creation of physical as well as standalone virtual exhibition stands.   Starting with your brand and business development objectives in mind, we create spaces that are functional as well as engaging. We offer installation at the event with full on-site support, fully integrated with virtual functionality, to connect you with online audiences.

Let's Work Together

Contact us today to explore how we can help you reach your clients and stakeholders through video and streaming media.

         +44 20 3871 8000            

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