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At CS Media, we are committed to having a sustainable and positive impact on our environment, the society we live in and the people we meet.


To this effect, we continually strive to improve our operations and reduce our footprint through a number of actions.   These include, but are not limited to:


  • We regularly service and upgrade our equipment to reduce energy consumption and waste.

  • We partner with local suppliers where possible.

  • We reduce travel through web-based connectivity for meetings.

  • We transport all our equipment in durable flight cases that fit in small vehicles, reducing fuel consumption.

  • Our OB vans are fitted with rechargeable batteries, allowing entire broadcasts to be battery-operated.

  • We encourage our editors to work from home, providing a better work-life balance and reducing travel.

  • We employ and contract staff from all walks of life, providing equal opportunity for all.

  • We use low-energy lighting at our shoots.

  • Crew use public transport to travel to shoot locations, where possible.

  • We seek out production partners who are equally committed to sustainability.

  • We encourage and participate in charitable initiatives that have a positive impact on our world.


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